How Do Solar Panels Work?

solar panels on a residential roof during the day

Chances are you’ve heard of solar panels and their environmental benefits, and you’ve seen them appear on roofs across your neighborhood. Solar panels offer sustainable electricity by generating power from the sun that can be used to provide electricity in a home. How do solar panels work? What benefits come with installing them on the … Read more

What to Expect with Your Solar Panel Installation

Two men on a roof installing solar panels

Solar panels are a green and cost-effective solution for sustainable energy. Once you’ve decided to power your home with energy collected by solar panels, the next step is getting your solar panels installed. Depending on the size of your house, the complexity of the system, and how many panels you are getting, residential solar panel … Read more

10 Tips for How to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Close up of electric meters in a row measuring power use

No one likes spending money when you don’t have to. Save your pennies—plus help the environment and do your part in preventing California wildfires—by cutting back on electricity use at home. If you’re wondering how to reduce your electric bill, this guide will give you some creative tips and tricks for using less energy in … Read more