What are the financial benefits of solar?

Installing a solar system allows you to save money on your high electricity bills by lowering your cost of energy right away. With our solar programs you are able to lock in a much lower rate for power – meaning you’ll continue to save money over time.

How much will I save by going solar?

Most of our customers can easily see as much as a 30% reduction in their electricity bills. One of our Energy Consultants will be able to quickly review your power consumption and determine how much you will save.

Is Solar expensive?

Solar is not expensive. We offer a variety of excellent options that allow you install a solar system at $0 down and start saving right away. For those that view solar an investment, we also offer options that allow you to purchase your solar outright. Click here to review your options.

What if I need a new roof?

This is not an issue for our team – we offer roof repairs and full re-roofs. One of our licensed team members can provide you with a custom quote for roofing and solar panels. Request a free quote today!

Will solar raise my property value?

Studies have shown that going solar can increase your property value more than most home renovations. In California, homes with solar are known to sell much faster than homes without.

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