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Installing a solar system allows you to save money on your high electricity bills by lowering your cost of energy right away. With our solar programs you are able to lock in a much lower rate for power – meaning you’ll continue to save money over time.

Most of our customers can easily see as much as a 30% reduction in their electricity bills. One of our Energy Consultants will be able to quickly review your power consumption and determine how much you will save.

Solar is not expensive. We offer a variety of excellent options that allow you install a solar system at $0 down and start saving right away. For those that view solar an investment, we also offer options that allow you to purchase your solar outright. Click here to review your options.

This is not an issue for our team – we offer roof repairs and full re-roofs. One of our licensed team members can provide you with a custom quote for roofing and solar panels. Request a free quote today!

Studies have shown that going solar can increase your property value more than most home renovations. In California, homes with solar are known to sell much faster than homes without.

The ideal setting for solar is a southern facing roof with little or no shade cast upon it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a southern-facing roof, though. Solar panels can be angled to the south on east-west roofing.

For the vast majority of homeowners, going off-grid isn’t necessary. You can opt for an off-grid system, though it requires battery storage, which significantly increases the cost.

If your system is on the grid, like most, then it will shut down during a blackout so it doesn’t send energy back to the grid while workers are making repairs. You can opt for battery storage and inverters to provide backup power to your home during a blackout.

Today’s solar panels are highly durable. They can be expected to last 25-35 years and even longer. Plus, they require very little maintenance.

Our experts will work with you to determine the right number of solar panels for your home. To determine the size of your system, we take a look at your electric bills, energy usage, the typical weather and cloud cover in your area, and the direction and angle of your roof.

One of the many benefits of solar energy is how affordable it is. In many cases, the monthly cost of a solar loan is equal to or smaller than your monthly energy bill. Plus, as demand for energy increases among growing populations, energy bills are likely to continue to increase. That makes now the time to go solar.

You can lease solar panels. If your goal is to reduce your monthly energy bill and consumption, leasing might be the right option for you. For the longer-term benefits of solar energy and its cost savings, buying your system is likely the better choice.

Among the most important solar energy facts, environmental benefits are right up there with the financial benefits of solar energy. By using solar, you reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy derived from fossil fuels.

Even cleaner energy sources like hydroelectricity cause environmental issues. By going solar, you reduce your use of energy from sources that harm the environment.

Your solar panels need sunshine to be the most productive. However, even on a cloudy day, sunlight reaches your solar panels so they can produce energy. If you live in an area that is often cloudy, you will need more solar panels to produce as much energy as they would in an area with more sunshine throughout the year.

Solar panels will not work when covered with snow. However, since they are angled, snow typically slides off as soon as it warms up a bit. If they remain covered, snow is easy to remove from their smooth surfaces.

You will still receive billing statements from your energy provider when you have solar. In many cases, your bill will be either zero or a minimal fee. There could be months where you have to pay for electricity. This can happen during persistently cloudy or snowy months, or when the air conditioning is used more than usual. You can opt for more solar panels to avoid billing in these instances, though.

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