When it comes to your home, you may not give a lot of thought to one of the most fundamental systems that protect you and your possessions–your roof. It’s essential, and even if it’s out of sight and out of mind, it doesn’t last forever. As a solar and roofing company, Current Home is here to help you get the most out of your roof.

In addition to solar panels, we offer roofing services in southern California, with or without a solar installation. If you’re dealing with regular repairs on your aging roof, it might be time to consider an updated, efficient roof, especially if you’re planning to add solar panels. We can take care of your roofing and solar in a seamless process.


Your roof can affect the energy efficiency of your home. A new, well-built roof will improve your home’s ability to keep cool air inside in the summer and keep you warm and comfortable in colder weather. You’ll rely less on electricity to cool your home and more on the home itself. This improves energy efficiency, keeping your utility bills down whether or not you use solar energy, and doing a good turn for the environment.


Current Home can take care of all your roofing and solar needs. We can help you put together an energy efficient system to protect your home from the elements and save you money in cooling and heating costs.

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