What is Battery Storage?

Solar battery backup storage is an innovative system that collects solar energy from your solar panels during the day that is not used in your home. This energy is stored in a battery that can be used to power your home at a time when energy from your solar panels is not available. This may be at night or during an emergency.

Why Secure your Power?

When the Power Goes Out, How Do You…

  • Work From Home?
  • Power Medical Devices?
  • Food Storage?
  • Distance Learning?
  • Charge Your iPhone/Laptop?
  • Power Home Security Systems?

With each year having increasing wildfire power shutdowns, grid infrastructure failures, and more people working from home and spending time at home with family than ever before, a Battery Backup System will make sure you never live without power.

Maximize Your Savings

In addition to protecting your home from blackouts, battery storage helps you take control of your energy usage all day long. This grants you the option to maximize your savings by utilizing 100% of your solar energy production during evening hours when your panels aren’t producing power. Many people use battery energy to power their homes in the morning before the sun rises, and at night, after the sun has set, when the solar panels have charged it all day.

  • Avoid High Utility Rates
  • Virtually Eliminate Power Utility Bills
  • Gain Immediate Access to Excess Power
  • Energy Independence
  • Total Control of Your System
  • Mobile App for Easy Monitoring

Monitoring Energy Consumption

You can monitor your home energy system in real time using your Tesla app. From the home screen select ‘Power Flow,’ to see how Powerwall is interacting with your home, the grid and your solar system (if applicable). From the ‘Power Flow’ screen, you can also select the bar chart icon to access the graph page and see more details and historical usage.

Mobile App Features

  • Monitor Your Home Energy System
  • Access Historical Usage
  • Reserve for Power Outages
  • Customize Settings and Preferences
  • Set and Combine Modes

Combat Rolling Blackouts

Electricity companies throughout California have implemented planned blackouts to prevent wildfires on hot days by cutting back on energy use. You don’t have to find yourself in the dark at a time like this. Installing a solar battery backup storage system will allow you to power your home with your solar panels, no matter the weather or time of day.

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