What Is a Solar Battery, and Can It Boost Your Power Supply?

Solar panels installed on an unconventional roof. Solar can be installed on almost all roof types.

If you’re thinking about making the transition to solar power for your home, you probably have many questions about the process. There’s a good chance you came across material regarding solar battery backups while doing your research. At this point, you may be wondering, “what is a solar battery?” Solar batteries store the energy generated … Read more

How Much Solar Battery Storage Do I Need in Texas?

Solar app that allows solar owners to view their solar systems production. These apps help you track your savings and energy use.

Going solar is one of the most financially savvy decisions a Texas homeowner can make.  Fitting your home with a solar array has never been more profitable thanks to the Lone Star State’s abundant sunshine, minimal upfront expenses, and generous incentives. Furthermore, you can expand your savings—and get even more out of your system—by adding … Read more

Is Solar Power Renewable?

Solar Power: A Renewable Energy | Current Home

Solar power is a renewable energy source and is one of the cleanest ways to harvest energy. Solar power is harvested radiation from the sun and is collected when the radiation reaches a solar panel, which is able to absorb sunlight and process it into energy.  Why is solar power renewable? Because the energy sourced … Read more

Will Adding Solar Panels Increase My California Property Taxes?

Visual representation of what a solar consultation looks like in the home.

Adding solar power to your home can be a great way to save on monthly electric bills. With the efficiency they provide, solar panels can dramatically lower your rates.  With California’s solar-friendly weather and shared ambition for an environmentally sustainable future, installing solar panels simply makes sense for homeowners. But do solar panels increase property … Read more

What Is the Best Battery Backup for Solar Panels?

Battery Backup for Solar Panels [A Basic Guide] | Current Home

A battery backup for solar panels is essential during blackouts and severe weather storms. Like a generator, battery backups can get everything up and running without needing the grid. This is one of the main reasons why solar battery backups have become so popular. But before you begin the battery backup hunt, there are a … Read more

Solar Power Bill & Net Metering Explained

Learn All about Net Metering and Solar Power | Current Home

The 5 Ws of Net Metering Explained What is net metering? Net metering, explained simply, is measuring the energy you add to and take from the grid. Those with solar panels use and store different amounts of energy every day. For example, on a rainy day, you will probably be using more energy than your … Read more

What is the Solar Tax Credit? [2023]

solar energy raises the value of your home. A home worth solar is worth more than a home without solar.

What the 2023 Solar Tax Credit Means for you The federal solar tax credit is a powerful incentive for homeowners to go solar. Previously, this tax benefit was set to expire in 2024. However, Congress has recently passed a bill that extends the federal solar tax credit to 2035. The bill also raises the credit … Read more

What Is the Efficiency of Solar Panels: A Brief Guide

Solar panel on roof with sun coming up

Many people who switched to a solar energy system for their homes have seen the economic benefits of doing so. Besides having reduced energy costs and gaining financial incentives like tax credits and rebates, existing net metering policies further increase overall savings.  If you want to go solar but are still on the fence about … Read more