Give Your Home a New Look with 5 Different Roof Styles



Give Your Home a New Look with 5 Different Roof Styles

A new, white residential home with a red roof

Roofs do more than protect your home from the elements—a roof can set your house apart from your neighbors’ and add style, class, and personality. If your home’s exterior needs a new look, give it a facelift with a modern, stylish new roof. 

There are several different roof styles to choose from for a fresh update, and a roofing company can help you pick and install the right roof style for your house. If you’re considering an update to your home, check out these different roof styles for inspiration.

1. Gable Roof

Marked by their triangular or peaked shape, gable roofs are among the most popular in the United States. Variations include the front gable and Dutch gable. This simple design is cheaper to build and provides space for vaulted ceilings in an open floor plan, with room for air to flow. Gable roofs work great for a variety of home designs and styles, especially Tudor and Cape Cod. They can be covered with almost any type of roofing material, including classic Southern California clay tiles.

2. Hip Roof

This roof style is stable and classic—it has sloped sides of equal length, coming together at the top to create a ridge. The building process can be expensive and complex, but the result is a great-looking roof that is sturdy and durable in storms, rain, and wind. Most of the top of this type of roof is visible when looking at the house, ready to show off colorful roofing shingles that add to the character of your home.

3. Mansard Roof

Though it originated in France, the mansard roof has gained popularity in the United States. Also known as the French roof, it has four sides with a double slope on each side, meeting to form a low-pitched roof. The slopes are very steep and can be flat or curved. This roof offers an old-world European aesthetic that can be enhanced by matching slate shingles. The shape creates room for extra upstairs living or storage space, and optional embellishments can add to the style of the house.

4. Shed Roof

This modern design creates a memorable look. At its most basic, the shed roof resembles half a gable. Traditionally seen on porches, home additions, and sheds, some modern homes have a steep shed roof over the entire structure. Slopes can be gentle or steep. Shed roofs can create creative challenges in home design and window placement, and are typically seen on ultra-modern homes with plenty of personality.

5. Flat Roof

Home with a flat roof.

This is another type of modern roof style that can really set a home apart from others. These roofs look nearly flat, though there is some incline to allow for rainwater runoff. Still, this roof style works best in an area with low rainfall—and they are a great fit for installing solar panels. This look originates from the mid-century modern era, and if that look jives with your personal decorating style, this type of roof may fit your home. Some homes may even combine a flat roof with gable and hip designs.

These different roof styles give you a taste of both the classic and modern options out there. Different styles can be combined into one home to create a unique look for your house. Current Home is a roofing company you can trust to build you a new roof that looks great and uses quality materials. Learn more about our roofing and solar programs today.