First-Time Home Buyers Guide to Solar Panels [Things To Consider]

First Time Home Buyer Solar Panels being prepared for installation.

Whether you already own your home or you’re a first-time home buyer, solar panels are an important consideration for the environmentally conscious. There are initial costs, installation options, and numerous questions you need answered before you’re ready to go solar. If this is your first time considering a solar panel installation for your home, you … Read more

Can You Install Solar Panels Yourself in California?

Installing solar panel on roof during the late evening.

While you can install solar panels by yourself in California, you have to be sure you know exactly what you’re doing. That includes complying with all the requirements for setting up a solar power system in the state. Your designs and electrical installation plans must also be sound enough for the Building Department to approve.  … Read more

Go Solar with Current Home

House with solar installed by Current Home.

Homeowners decide to go solar for many different reasons! Some want to positively impact the environment while others want to save money. Solar has a lot of benefits, from tax incentives to significant savings; going green attracts countless homeowners. It is important to choose the right professionals for the job so that your solar experience is a positive one. So, what is it like to go solar with Current Home?