How Is Renewable Solar Energy in California Leading the Nation?

solar panels on roof with the sun setting

Renewable solar energy is more accessible than ever for homeowners. Federal tax rebates, individual state incentives, and lower installation costs make solar available to a wide array of homes.  California’s solar renewable energy is already breaking records. California’s focus on increasing renewable energy sources is influencing other sunny states. Texas and Florida have begun to … Read more

How Much Solar Battery Storage Do I Need in Texas?

Solar app that allows solar owners to view their solar systems production. These apps help you track your savings and energy use.

Going solar is one of the most financially savvy decisions a Texas homeowner can make.  Fitting your home with a solar array has never been more profitable thanks to the Lone Star State’s abundant sunshine, minimal upfront expenses, and generous incentives. Furthermore, you can expand your savings—and get even more out of your system—by adding … Read more

What Is a Solar Microgrid & Why They’re Great in California

Not all locations are made equal when it comes to harnessing the power of solar energy.  California is one of the states that has a particularly favorable atmosphere for utilizing solar energy. California, known as the Golden State, has abundant, year-round sunshine. Year after year, the state maintains its position as the national leader in … Read more