Can My HOA Stop Me From Installing Solar Panels?

Row of townhomes facing each other

More homes and companies are switching to solar energy due to its numerous benefits, such as reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bill. Not all localities, however, make solar panel installation simple. If your property is part of a homeowners association, you might ask, “Can my HOA stop me from installing solar panels?” Here’s what … Read more

How to Clean Solar Panels on a Roof [6 Steps from the Pros]

Solar panels on roof

Many people are fortunate enough to live in an environment with low levels of smog, dust, and sand in the air, which means cleaning the solar panels on a roof is unnecessary. However, many areas in California are not so lucky. We deal with these environmental elements daily, so our solar panels could probably use … Read more

Go Solar with Current Home

House with solar installed by Current Home.

Homeowners decide to go solar for many different reasons! Some want to positively impact the environment while others want to save money. Solar has a lot of benefits, from tax incentives to significant savings; going green attracts countless homeowners. It is important to choose the right professionals for the job so that your solar experience is a positive one. So, what is it like to go solar with Current Home?