Temecula Solar Options

When considering solar panel installation, you’ll find a few different options available to Residents in Temecula, CA. These options vary in their design, effectiveness, and cost. We will work with you to find the best options for your home.

Switch to Solar As Your New Utility

Simply switch to solar as your new primary electric source, and the switch is free with our $0 down solar utility programs. Once enrolled, the installation is quick and free of charge as it is included in all our solar utility programs.


  • $0 Down
  • Month 1 Savings
  • Free Lifetime Warranty
  • Guaranteed Power Production
  • Free Service and Repairs
  • Advanced Monitoring and Reporting Access
  • Locked in Rates that Will Not Rise
  • And More!

Opt-In To Finance Your Solar System

You can finance your solar system with $0 down with interest rates as low as 1.9%!!! Enjoy owning your power system for a lower monthly payment than your old electric bill.


  • $0 down
  • Solar Tax Credit
  • Month 1 Savings
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Free Service and Repairs
  • Interest rates as low as 1.9%
  • Guaranteed Power Production
  • Increase Property Value
  • And More!

Purchase Your Solar Outright

Take control into your own hands and virtually eliminate that old electric bill altogether. See a strong double-digit return on your investment. Take advantage of a HUGE Federal Solar Tax Credit


  • Virtually Eliminate Your Electric Bill.
  • Huge Federal Solar Tax Credit.
  • Take Control of Your Power.
  • Maximum Long Term Savings.
  • Increase the Value and Marketability of Your Home.
  • Live However Comfortable You Want in Your Home Without Over Thinking What it Costs

Speak to a Solar Expert for Free

You can speak with one of our local Solar Experts today and answer your questions regarding your best solar strategy. We will share sound advice and recommendations that will show you maximum benefit.

And lasty, we’ll review your custom system design and details!