Is Solar Power Renewable?



Is Solar Power Renewable?

Solar Power: A Renewable Energy | Current Home

Solar power is a renewable energy source and is one of the cleanest ways to harvest energy. Solar power is harvested radiation from the sun and is collected when the radiation reaches a solar panel, which is able to absorb sunlight and process it into energy. 

Why is solar power renewable? Because the energy sourced by solar panels is from nature, it is classified as renewable energy. Solar power energy continues to gain popularity each year as solar panels steadily become more efficient and affordable. 

Renewable Energy vs. Non-Renewable Energy

The media often talks about clean and dirty energy, but trying to figure out what they mean can be confusing. First, it is important to know that renewable energy is a synonym to clean energy and non-renewable energy is the same as dirty energy. Generally, the goal is to use more clean energy than dirty energy to protect the Earth’s resources. 

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy sourced from natural products or elements that are constantly replenished, such as wind and sunlight. 


Since renewable energy is sourced from elements that are constantly being replenished, harvesting it isn’t destructive to the environment. Humans have used renewable energy for decades, like the wind to propel sailboats or the sun to keep things warm. Renewable energy is also accessible to everyone around the world. 


Although renewable energy is generally more beneficial for the environment, various forms of renewable energy impact the Earth differently. For example, large hydroelectric dams can have negative side effects on the natural flow of water. When these disruptions occur, they can offset the migration of animals and disrupt fish. Another minor con includes the need to wait for a specific time or season to harvest. 

What Is Non-Renewable Energy?

Oil, gas, and coal are all forms of non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy comes from physical sources that are harvested from the Earth. Non-renewable energy sources are not endless, and using them often causes damage to the environment. Fossil fuels are referred to a lot when talking about non-renewable energy. Natural gas, coal, and petroleum all stem from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the remains of animals from millions of years ago that now sit under layers of earth. 


Non-renewable energy, such as fossil fuels, is easy and cheap to extract. Over the years, technological advances have made it easier to extract fossil fuels and oil from the Earth and turn them into energy. Non-renewable energy is also easy to store and transport. 


Non-renewable energy is not infinite. The Earth will run out of fossil fuels for us to use, possibly sooner rather than later, leaving us to rely again on renewable energy. Dirty energy also harms the environment. When fossil fuels are heated and turned into energy, they release carbon dioxide, damaging the Earth’s atmosphere. This can result in global warming and other consequences that don’t allow the Earth and its inhabitants to adapt to the drastic changes. 

How to Support Renewable Energy

So, is solar power renewable? Now that you know the answer is yes, you can begin collecting your own renewable energy with solar panels. Saving the Earth and supporting renewable energy can be easy with the help of Current Home. Call us today for a free quote on solar panels