What Is the Best Battery Backup for Solar Panels?

A battery backup for solar panels is essential during blackouts and severe weather storms. Like a generator, battery backups can get everything up and running without needing the grid. This is one of the main reasons why solar battery backups have become so popular. But before you begin the battery backup hunt, there are a few things to know.  Battery Backup Lingo Instantaneous Power Rating: The maximum amount of power that can run in or out [...]

Is Solar Power Renewable?

Solar power is a renewable energy source and is one of the cleanest ways to harvest energy. Solar power is harvested radiation from the sun and is collected when the radiation reaches a solar panel, which is able to absorb sunlight and process it into energy.  Why is solar power renewable? Because the energy sourced by solar panels is from nature, it is classified as renewable energy. Solar power energy continues to gain popularity each year [...]

Solar Power Bill & Net Metering Explained

The 5 Ws of Net Metering Explained What is net metering? Net metering, explained simply, is measuring the energy you add to and take from the grid. Those with solar panels use and store different amounts of energy every day. For example, on a rainy day, you will probably be using more energy than your solar panels are absorbing, especially if you are having a movie marathon. Thus you will be taking from the grid. But [...]

5 Things to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

One of the huge benefits of solar panels is that once installed, you get to watch your electricity bill go down with very little solar panel maintenance. However, to get the most out of your solar panels, it is important to keep them clean and keep up on any solar energy repairs. 1. Monitor Energy Levels A good indicator of if it’s time for solar panel maintenance or repairs is if your solar panels begin to [...]

Should I Switch to Solar Energy? [Fun Facts Say Yes]

Solar energy is gaining momentum, and more people are choosing to switch to solar. With rising utility costs, especially for fossil fuels, you might be wondering, should I switch to solar energy? There are a lot of reasons why now is the time to do it. These fun facts about solar energy will show you why. Solar Energy Is More Affordable Than Ever The cost of switching to solar energy is better than ever. In fact, [...]

Why Does California Have Rolling Blackouts?

Power outages or blackouts are more than annoyances—they have a significant impact on the economy, health, and public safety. Unfortunately, blackouts became a way of life for those of us in the Golden State in recent years, and they may continue into 2021 as well. But why does California have rolling blackouts? And can you do anything about it? What Causes California’s Rolling Blackouts? The state’s rotating power outages have been largely attributed to an insufficient [...]

How Many Solar Panels and Batteries to Power a House?

If you’re planning to install a solar energy system on your property, you might be wondering how many solar panels power a house. Since every home is unique, the answer varies. Below are a few crucial things to consider. Location Is a Big Factor Where you install your solar panels has a significant impact on energy production. Photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electricity, so the more sunlight they receive, the higher their power output will [...]

How to Use Solar Panels During a Power Outage

Many homes in California have made the big switch to solar energy for environmental and economic reasons. Besides being clean and sustainable, solar offers long-term electricity cost savings that make it a worthy investment. But what are the implications for solar power customers when the power goes out? Here is what you need to know about solar energy and power outages. How Solar Works During a Blackout Solar panels need sunlight to generate free electricity for [...]

Solar Savings Estimator

Besides being a clean energy source, solar power can also save you money on electrical bills. But you might not be so certain of exactly how much you could save. Fortunately, you can use a solar savings calculator to quickly give you an idea of the savings you could enjoy.  How to Use a Solar Savings Calculator One of the simplest ways to calculate your solar savings is through using Google’s Project Sunroof. While other online [...]

Are DIY Solar Panels a Mistake?

Many people are attracted to the idea of going solar (who doesn’t want to save money on their electricity bill?) but would rather do it themselves. It’s possible to DIY your own solar panels, but first you need to make sure you weigh the pros and cons. You’ll also need to be careful to avoid common solar panel mistakes. Let’s examine the main reasons why you might be thinking about DIY solar and see if it’s [...]

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